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BlueBug Update

Sep 9, 2008 - 1 minutes

I have released an update to BlueBug today that addresses the following issues that were brought up in comments:

  • v1.1 - 9/9/2008 - RELEASED
    1. Added a line to the config.php to limit registered users to posting. Add $config[registered] = 1; in your config.php file to only allowed registered users (if upgrading).
    2. Added a last insert id function to the Database class.
    3. Administrators now get emails when new tickets have been added.
    4. Assign to list for tickets now properly displays all users.
    5. When a user is assigned to a ticket, they are notified by email.
    6. Priority # changed to text for easier reading.
    7. Users are now emailed when their ticket is closed, if they are registered.
    8. There is now a user administration area in the admin panel.

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