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I was writing some cucumber features for reru_scrum when I ran into an issue with destroying user records and Mysql2 throwing a Lock error.

The full error:

1Mysql2::Error: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction: UPDATE `users` SET `last_sign_in_at` = '2011-11-22 00:06:32', `current_sign_in_at` = '2011-11-22 00:11:28', `sign_in_count` = 3, `updated_at` = '2011-11-22 00:11:28' WHERE `users`.`id` = 1

A simple solution is to use the database_cleaner gem.

Inside your features/support/env.rb file:

2  require 'database_cleaner'
3  require 'database_cleaner/cucumber'
4  DatabaseCleaner.strategy = :truncation
5rescue NameError
6  raise "You need to add database_cleaner to your Gemfile (in the :test group) if you wish to use it."

A good idea is to create the before and after hooks to use the DatabaseCleaner.start and DatabaseCleaner.clean methods.

Inside features/support/hooks.rb:

1Before do
2  DatabaseCleaner.start
5After do |scenario|
6  DatabaseCleaner.clean

You should then be able to run your features and have your database cleaned between steps.

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