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<3 Go & Kubernetes


Jul 23, 2017 - 1 minutes
  • threatwar.com
    • a honeypot service.
  • threatwar agent
    • the open source agent for threatwar
  • garden.gg
    • a garden tracking tool and plant journal.
  • ifcfg.net
    • a simple ‘what is my ip’ service with a few extra endpoints
  • redis rate limiter
    • distributed rate limiter written in go + redis
  • proxmox enhanced api
    • provides an extra api for working with proxmox and discovering VM IPs through arp-scan
  • quay robot manager
    • utility to manage robot accounts on Quay.io docker registry
  • dns-chief
    • yaml -> cloudflare dns… because terraform was annoying for this
  • github fork auditor
    • given an org and a oauth token, this will print a table showing the repository name, URL, # of forks, and users who have forked the repository.
  • influx alert
    • a tool to alert on data fed into influxdb and alert through hipchat + slack
  • docker conductor
    • A tool written to orchestrate docker containers using a simple yml file.
  • Servly
    • Servly was an SaaS monitoring solution that was written in JRuby. I open sourced the code behind it since I am not longer maintaining it.

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