{ Josh Rendek }

<3 Go & Kubernetes

Yesterday I was trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 (occasionally I give linux another try for a desktop) on my Macbook Pro – and boy did I run into issues. First, when I was reformatting my mac, the disc kept ejecting – so finally when I got it to load and stay in, the formatter would error out. After repeating this several dozen times with various CD/DVD’s and different burns of Ubuntu, I ran to Walmart and grabbed a Targus external DVD reader. After my mac kept ejecting cd’s every time I stuck them in, this managed to fix the problem. Everything worked first time, even discs with a few scratches/dust on them.

This has apparently been a long standing issue, and I’m surprised apple is still selling them with this DVD drive.

On another note, I just ordered another SSD for my macbook pro to reinstall OSX on since Ubuntu doesn’t seem to be panning out :).

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