{ Josh Rendek }

<3 Go & Kubernetes

Here are the two build orders I’ve been able to glean from watching replays and trying them out myself. The first is the Terran Barracks FE (fast expand) tactic:

The terran build is a 3M (Marine / Marauder / Medvac ) tactic, the idea is to quickly secure your natural expansion, and then just build up defenses using the 3M’s to ward off any attacks. Once your opponent has thrown their forces at you (and been destroyed, dont forget to use stim packs!), you can make a quick counter and wipe them out.

Zerg is pretty much a standard one, and focuses on being very agressive as early as possible, this can be pushed into a muta/hydralisk build as well. Zergling rushing is really good, especially if can get past their choke and into their harvesters and just let them run free to cripple their economy.

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