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About 2 years I was on Roadrunner. I loved it; so much so that I always reccomended it to friends and family. Download speeds were blazing fast 10+mbps, sometimes even 15mbps. I moved away to Comcast and feared for the worst (after hearing a lot of bad reviews from them).

Boy have times changed. I’m back home visiting for the holidays and Roadrunner is absolute crap. What was once 10mbps is now a mere 1-4mbps, 4 if I’m LUCKY.

Pinging google:

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 56.777/171.755/1155.530/229.523 ms

1k 8% packet loss To google.

Honestly I can’t believe how far down hill their service has gone. The cable TV is skippy but the internet is just downright SLOW.

Comcast, on the other hand, usually gives me between 8 and 20mbps consistently with an average upload of 1mbps - compared to Roadrunner’s 400kbps.

While some people have Comcast horror stories, at the moment Comcast is better than RR by far to me. Things like streaming videos (watching SouthPark on Comedy Central’s SP Studios website) or watching Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on Netflix (fallen in love with that BBC series) is painful at best. Low quality from Netflix’s streaming (understandable since the connection is slow), and skipping on streaming videos.

Never thought I’d say Comcast was better than Road Runner / TimeWarner, but they are - at least for me.

As a side note: typed this from my shiney new Macbook Pro which I’m in love with. Everything’s nice and snappy.

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